Production credits

Friends of Flora

Short documentary/promotional film about a volunteer based community          Director/Camera/Edit

conservation project which has successfully reintroduced two endangered            (In post-production)

species to a National Park in New Zealand.



Lifeclass Hotels 

Image film                                                                                                                            DP


The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organisation / UNTV

Nuclear weapons test monitoring in Greenland                                                             Camera/Edit

Nuclear Test-Ban Monitoring in the South Pacific - Easter Island's Role                 Camera/Edit

Installing a noble gas detection system                                                                           Camera/Edit                                                        


Valsassina Ensemble

3 camera live recording Divertimento in Es Dur - Haydn                                            DP/Edit

3 camera live recording Haydn Cello Concerto No.1 in C major                              DP/Edit


United Nations Women’s Guild

Promotional film                                                                                                                 Director/Camera/Edit


Okto TV Austria

Fashion and the City - Man's World                                                                                2nd Unit DP         

Fashion and the City - Aufi aufn Berg                                                                            2nd Unit DP


TV Azteca Mexico

News Story            Mexican Independence Day concert in Vienna, Austria             Camera/Edit


Frecher Zwerg

Promotional          Regional winner Wirtschaftskammer Österreich                           Director/Camera/Edit

(Chamber of Commerce) small business film competition


Ethan Films

Documentary       Refugees: Who needs them?                                                             Addition photography



Personal projects

Short documentary             Abudi’s Ponies –restoring classic American muscle

cars in Austria

Short documentary             Freeform Iron - a craftsman blacksmith in Cottonwood


Short documentary             Moving with the times – Short document about the changing lives of the

Bedouin people of Jordan

Spitzbergen – A Postcard from the Arctic

A postcard from Paris



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